Amphithéâtre Saint Côme Paris, Paris, 6th

Fondation Carmignac, CatchLight, and Dysturb present the Night of Photojournalism on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

The Night of Photojournalism is a free public event that will celebrate innovation in visual journalism as part of PhotoSaintGermain festival.

Bringing together over a hundred photographers, journalists, photo editors, visual organizations, collectives and digital content creators, the Night of Photojournalism will feature panels on AI in photojournalism, cultural biases, the female gaze, global movements, and geopolitics followed by projections, a live DJ set and a pop-up cafe by Refugee Food.

Participants include among others Blind, FotoFest, Magnum Photos & Foundation, MYOP, National Geographic Society, PhotoVogue festival, Reporters Sans Frontières, Women Photograph, Darcy Padilla, Alona Pardo, Cha Gonzales, Pierre Haski, Sandra Mehl, Paolo Woods, and an homage by her son to the late Marie-Laure de Decker.

Translation to English and French will be available for the conversations and projections. Entrance to the venue is free with RSVP on Eventbrite and on a first-come, first-served basis.


2:30PM Artificial intelligence and photojournalism
Jonas Cuénin - David Fathi - Amber Terranova

“#266 Stranded” from the project 90 Miles (Image generated by AI) © Michael Christopher Brown
“#266 Stranded” from the project 90 Miles (Image generated by AI) © Michael Christopher Brown

During a presentation of images generated by artificial intelligence, closely mirroring reality, widely disseminated in public spaces or on online sharing groups, David Fathi, visual artist and mathematician, Amber Terranova, visual producer, and Jonas Cuénin, editor of Blind magazine, will discuss the challenges and the impact of this new medium on our society.

3:30PM - Cultural Lenses & Biases: Unraveling Narratives in Visual Storytelling
With Dr. Mame Fatou-Niang - Bayeté Ross Smith - Paul Henderson

Our Kind of People © Bayeté Ross Smith / CatchLight Global Fellow
Our Kind of People © Bayeté Ross Smith / CatchLight Global Fellow

How do cultural perspectives and biases influence how we perceive stories and, in turn, the concept of truth? Our backgrounds form unique lenses through which we view and understand shared information, leading to a multiplicity of interpretations. Join us to learn how visual journalists, advocates, civil servants, thought leaders, and audiences can be cognizant of the impacts of these differences and biases.

Featuring Dr. Mame Fatou-Niang, Professor of French Studies and the Founder-Director of the Center for Black European Studies at Carnegie Mellon University; and Bayeté Ross Smith, 2021 CatchLight Global Fellow, multidisciplinary artist, photographer, filmmaker, and educator. Moderated by Paul Henderson, social justice attorney, art advocate, and collector.

Organized in partnership with Patrick Banks, founder of The Californien agency, with program assistance provided by the Terra Foundation for American Art. The Terra Foundation for American Art, established in 1978 and having offices in Chicago and Paris, supports organizations and individuals locally and globally with the aim of fostering intercultural dialogues and encouraging transformative practices that expand narratives of American art through the foundation’s grant program, collection, and initiatives.

4:30PM - Female Gaze and Representation in Photography
Alona Pardo - Laura Lafon - Samuel Kirszenbaum

The "Female Gaze," inspired by the feminist concept of the "male gaze," challenges the way women are often depicted as objects in visual media, aiming to provide a different perspective on the female experience. To explore the role of this "female gaze" in photography and its impact on gender perception, Alona Pardo, curator of the exhibitions ‘Masculinities’ [2021] and ‘Re/Sisters’ [2023] at the Barbican Art Gallery in London, and Laura Lafon, art director of photography at Gaze magazine, will engage in a discussion with photographer and photography historian Samuel Kirszenbaum.

5:30PM - Global Movements: Documenting The Migrations Of Our Time
César Dezfuli - Agnès Dherbeys - Roopa Gogineni - Sally Martin Katz

© Agnès Dherbeys / MYOP; © César Dezfuli 2020 CatchLight Global Fellow; © Roopa Gogineni, 2021 CatchLight Global Fellow
© Agnès Dherbeys / MYOP; © César Dezfuli 2020 CatchLight Global Fellow; © Roopa Gogineni, 2021 CatchLight Global Fellow

Three visual storytellers who have ventured into the heart of migration stories share how they capture the complex narratives that go beyond common media portrayals, challenging stereotypes in migration visual storytelling. Join us as we gain insight into the human stories that have touched their hearts, changed their perspectives, and ultimately enriched their work as visual storytellers.

Featuring César Dezfuli, 2020 CatchLight Global Fellow, journalist, and documentary photographer whose work often explores themes related to migration, identity, and human rights; Agnès Dherbeys, member of MYOP agency, working
on news and features, mainly in Europe and Asia; and Roopa Gogineni, 2021 CatchLight Global Fellow, filmmaker and photographer based in Paris who for a decade lived in Nairobi working alongside communities of resistance across the region. Moderated by Sally Martin Katz, Curatorial Associate of Photography at SFMOMA.

6:30PM Launch of CatchLight Global Fellowship
CatchLight will open the call for submissions for its Global Fellowship during the Night of Photojournalism with a happy hour, a chance to meet CatchLight staff and past Global Fellows Bayeté Ross Smith, César Dezfuli, and Roopa Gogineni, and learn about their transformative experiences and creative projects.

The CatchLight Global Fellowship, supported in part by MPB, addresses a pressing need in the visual storytelling industry. As recently established in the 2022 State of Photography survey, making a living as a professional visual storyteller is increasingly difficult. Acting as an incubator, CatchLight Global Fellowship provides financial support with $30,000 grants, fosters personal growth, and develops networking and partnerships. CatchLight seeks visionary candidates eager to lead creatively, leveraging visual communication's power for social impact. The CatchLight Global Fellowship’s focus on innovative methods to distribute the work and deeper ways to engage audiences is a key pillar to defining the future of the field.

Applications are free and open until December 9, 2023. More information on

7:30PM - Geopolitics and photojournalism
With Pierre Haski, journalist and President of Reporters sans Frontières

20h00 - 2h - Keynotes by photographers, screening of photoreports and DJ set by Pablo Saavedra de Decker
- Paolo Woods
- Robin Hammond
- Fabiola Ferrero
- Finbarr O'Reilly


Featuring Adrien Vautier, Adrienne Surprenant, Africa Foto Fair, Agence Vu, Aïda Dahmani, Alain Keler, Alec Soth, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Alexandra Boulat, Amnesty International, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Andrew Quilty, Anouchka Agbayissah, Antoine Burat, Audrey Laporte, Babak Tafreshi, Bénédicte Kurzen, Bertrand Gaudillère, Bronx Documentary Center, Camille Nivollet, Carl De Keyzer, Carolina Arantes, Caroline Drake, Catalina Martin Chico, Cebos, Cédric Gerbehaye, Cha Gonzales, Christophe Gin, Collectif Hors Format, Collectif Item, Congo In Conversation, Cristina De Middel, Cyril Marcilhacy, Cyril Zanettaci, Darcy Padilla, Davide Monteleone, Dimitri Lancuit, Édouard Elias, Emin Özmen, Fabiola Ferrero, Finbarr O'reilly, Fotofest, Francisco Proner, Géopolis, Gerard Cambon, Ghazal Golshiri, Gilles Bader, Google X Visa Pour L’image X Dysturb, Guillaume Herbaut, Hervé Lequeux, Hugo Ribes, Indígena, Ismail Ferdous, Jan Schmidt- Whitley, Jean Gaumy, Jean-Pierre Laffont, Jeanne Frank, Jeremy Suiker, Julien Goldstein, Julien Mattia, Juliette Pavy, Kadir Van Lohuizen, Kai Wiedenhöfer, Kamila Stepien, Khartoum Bembele, Kometa, Larry Towell, Le Pictorium, Lee Shulman, Léo Keller, Lizzie Sadin, Louis Witter, Lucas Amorelli, Lys Arango, Magnum Photos, Magnum Foundation, Manoël Pénicaud, Marie-Laure De Decker, Marie Sumalla, Massimo Berruti, Mathias Depardon, Matt Black, Michael Bunel, Michael Christopher Brown, Michaël Zumstein, Moises Saman, Muntaka Chasant, Myop, Nanna Heitmann, Narciso Contreras, Nathan Lainé, National Geographic Society, Newsha Tavakolian, Nicolas Réméné, Noël Quidu, Omar Victor Diop, Paloma Laudet, Paolo Pellegrin, Paolo Woods, Pascal Maitre, Paul Lemaire, Philémon Barbier, Photovogue Festival, Picto New York, Radius Book, Rafael Yaghobzadeh, RSF, Robin Hammond, Samuel Bollendorff, Samuel Gratacap, Sandra Calligaro, Sandra Mehl, Sohrab Hura, Tommaso Protti, Trent Park, Ulrich Lebeuf, Valentin Goppel, Victorine Alisse, Virginie Nguyen, William Daniels, Women Photograph, Xavier B., Yuri Kozyrev, Zied Ben Romdhane.

Date and time

From Saturday, November 11, 1 PM, through Sunday, November 12, 2 AM.


Amphithéâtre Saint Côme, 5 rue de l'école de Médecine, 75006 Paris (France)


Free admission with RSVP on Eventbrite

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