Design at Villa Carmignac

Villa Carmignac, Porquerolles Island

Since opening in 2018, Villa Carmignac has set up partnerships with designers with a view to welcoming the public. Reception furniture (Agent M), garden benches (Samy Rio) and deckchairs for movie nights (Benoît Maire) are the result of work conducted with creators and artists. Since 2022, in partnership with Villa Noailles and in the framework of Design Parade, the Fondation Carmignac has been developing the Dotation Fondation Carmignac.


In 2022, as part of Design Parade in Toulon and Hyères (South of France), the Fondation Carmignac, in partnership with Villa Noailles, developed the Dotation Fondation Carmignac. This award was created in 2022 to consolidate the links between the Villa Noailles and the Villa Carmignac in the field of design and interior architecture.

The laureates benefit from a residency at the Villa Carmignac on the island of Porquerolles and are invited to create an object or to fit out a space in line with the philosophy of the place.


Through their project presented at the Ancien évêché in Toulon as part of Design Parade, a tribute to Mediterranean camping, Madeleine Oltra and Angelo De Taisne have highlighted the values of mobility, accessible travel accessible and immersion in nature. The search for “beauty and utility,” combining comfort, ergonomics and aesthetics, drives their inventive revisiting of everyday objects, by diverting materials and creating spaces that are both modular and adapted to this nomadic lifestyle.

Sardines sardines, un projet d'Angelo de Taisne et Madeline Olstra - Design Parade 2022
Sardines sardines, un projet d'Angelo de Taisne et Madeline Olstra - Design Parade 2022

Born in 1996, Madeleine Oltra graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. She lives and works in Marseille.
Born in 1996, Angelo de Taisne is a graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture (ENSA) Paris-Malaquais. He lives and works in Marseille.

Paysan de sieste - Edgar Jayet

Paysan de sieste - Edgar Jayet

An original creation for the Fondation Carmignac
In partnership with Atelier François Pouenat and Atelier Adrian Augagneur

“On Porquerolles Island, Villa Carmignac invited me to create outdoor napping areas. The challenge was to intervene in this beautiful garden with the utmost discretion. I therefore thought of the fruit ladders from my childhood memories in the South, abandoned in the olive groves at the end of the harvest. I also found a drawing by my grandfather where he had depicted himself taking a nap. This drawing was a project in itself, everything was there: the sky, the maquis, the wind, the sun. Hence these six napping areas resembling the peasant tool, inspired by these same fruit ladders. Lying on the ground, barely emerging from the thorny bushes that make up the landscape, they form a subtle, low-level intervention, like an abandoned ladder. Seeking above all to spatialise this memory, this napping furniture pays tribute to our childhood wanderings.”
Edgar Jayet

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Benoît Maire - Chiliennes «Fauteuils couchants» - Photo Camille Moirenc

Benoît Maire, Fauteuil couchant (Chilean version), Porquerolles, 2021

In July 2020, as part of Design Parade in Toulon, Benoît Maire presented a "Fauteuil couchant". The Fondation Carmignac commissioned a limited edition Chilean version for the Villa Carmignac.
Chiliennes are notably used for outdoor cinema evenings.

Manufacture: MACAP