CLOUD - Leandro Erlich

Fort Sainte-Agathe, Porquerolles island

April 30, 2022 - October 16, 2022

nuage visuel EN
nuage visuel EN

As part of the Villa Carmignac’s exhibition The Dream of Ulysses, the Fort hosts an installation by artist Leandro Erlich, Cloud, set to music by the Moriarty band.

Halfway between the village and the Villa Carmignac, the Fort Sainte-Agathe overlooks the village and offers a 360° view on the island since its construction in the 16th century.

“I like to think of clouds as the very first form of human art. Before sculpting clay or drawing figures on the walls of caves, the human mind made sculptures out of steam and wind. It’s an irresistible act to look up at the sky and—without even thinking about it—detect a shape in the clouds: a dog, a turtle, a face, a boat.”
Leandro Erlich

Pratical information

From 30 April to 16 October, the Fort Sainte-Agathe is open from 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm, from Tuesday to Sunday.

In partnership with Parc national de Port-Cros

Visuel : Leandro Erlich, courtesy de l’artiste,
Galerie Xippas, Paris / Genève / Punta del Este
Galleria Continua / San Gimignano / Beijing / Les Moulins / Habana / Roma
/ Sao Paulo / Paris

Vue depuis le Fort Sainte-Agathe - Photo : Camille Moirenc
ROY LICHTENSTEIN - Landscape, 1977

The Inner Island

From 29 April to 5 November 2023

The Villa and its gardens are open to the public from 27 April to 3 November

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