MIDI Festival – Concert EX-ILE & AJA

Dimanche 28 juillet 2019

15h – 18h

Le Midi Festival est un festival de musique pop et électro créé en 2005, qui se tient chaque année, fin juillet, à Hyères. À chaque édition depuis 2006, une partie des concerts se déroule dans les jardins de la Villa Noailles. La programmation comporte généralement des groupes émergents.

Cette année, la Villa Carmignac accueillera, pour la première fois, EX-ILE et AJA dimanche 28 juillet dans le terrain de tennis surplombé par l’œuvre de Ed Ruscha.

Pour plus d’informations : www.midi-festival.com



« Arctic: New Frontier » : Yuri Kozyrev and Kadir van Lohuizen co-laureates of the 9th #PrixCarmignac documented the consequences of #globalwarming in the #Arctic region. One of them is the militarization of strategic areas.

Kadir van Lohuizen traveled in the North of #Canada, to Qaussuituq* in the South of Cornwallis Island. It’s one of the coldest inhabited places in the #world. Winter goes from October to June, with temperatures dropping to -50°C. 
Resolute is the strategic point of one of the famous « Northwest Passage » routes, whose water sovereignty is in dispute, particularly with the United States. 
Hence the recent installation of a Canadian Armed Forces training center.

Find out more about the militarization of the Arctic region by many #great powers with the #PrixCarmignacArctic ‘s photographs exhibited in the #French #photo #festivals : @lagacillyphoto & @festivalphotoguilvinec

*Qaussuituq means : « where there is no #dawn »

Photo Resolute Bay, Canada, March 2018 by @kadirvanlohuizen (@noorimages) for @fondationcarmignac

#CarmignacPhotojournalismAward #photojournalism #documentary #militarization #arcticregion #resolutebay #kadirvanlohuizen #photoreporter
💬 How to portray #globalwarming? How do #women take over #photoreportage? What are the strategic stakes and drivers of a #photoagency? 

🎤The Carmignac Photojournalism #Award is pleased to announce the launch of a new monthly section on our social networks, L’INSTANTANE, to address these #important matters. 
Every 3rd Thursday of the month, laureates and members of the #PrixCarmignac Jury, as well as professionals from the #media and #art world will be sharing their views on the new #challenges that #photojournalism and #photography are facing. 

⏰See you tomorrow to discover the theme and the speaker of L’Instantané #1 ! we are so #excited to share this with you ! 
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During the whole summer, over 40 photographs from our 9th #PrixCarmignac co-laureates, @yuri.kozyrev & @kadirvanlohuizen (@noorimages), are exhibited @lagacillyphoto festival, an open air exhibition that highlights, by the power of the images, the fragile beauty of our planet.⠀⠀
Festival Photo La Gacilly, « All Eyes East » until September 30th.⠀⠀
#photofestival #lagacillyphoto #lagacillyphotofestival #prixcarmignacarctic #openairexhibition #photo #photography
#Repost @smithsonianmagazine ・・・ Hi everyone! ⁣

This week, the @prixcarmignac is taking over the #Smithsonian feed with the award-winning work of 9th edition #PrixCarmignac laureates @kadirvanlohuizen and @yuri.kozyrev (@noorimages), titled “Arctic: New Frontier,” currently on display at @saatchi_gallery in London, @festivalphotoguilvinec and @lagacillyphoto in France.⁣

This reportage, which follows the photographers’ six month journey from April to September in #2018 as they covered the 15,000 kilometres of the #ArcticCircle, is a visual testimony examining the consequences of #climatechange on the entire region. The forces of #tourism, #militarization, exploitation of #gas and mineral #resources, and the opening of trade routes as a result of #globalwarming mean that the #Arctic is today the site of clashes between countries and multinationals who are locked in a chaotic competition for control of these zones.⁣

Pictured above is Gordon Omnik who stands on watch to spot bowhead whales. The local #Inuit community is allowed to catch 10 of them each year. Normally, the hunting starts when the sea ice breaks in the spring: the whales migrating up north use the channels to come up to breathe. If the ice melts, the whales can swim around with more ease, which makes them much harder to hunt.⁣

Photo © Kadir van Lohuizen (NOOR) for @fondationcarmignac. The #CarmignacPhotojournalismAward, created by #FondationCarmignac, funds annually the production of an investigative photo reportage on human rights violations and geostrategic issues in the world – each year, a different theme is announced and all photographers are welcome to apply. ⁣

#PrixCarmignacArctic ⁣
#WorldOceansDay @wmo_omm⠀

The World Meteorological Organization report on the state of global climate in 2018 confirms the urgency of climate action.⠀
Sea level is rising at an accelerated rate : « In 2018, the average sea level was about 3.7 mm higher than in 2017 and was the highest ever recorded. »⠀

On this World Oceans Day, it’s important to raise awareness on the impact of our actions on the oceans as they provide 70% of our oxygen…⠀

#worldoceansday #oceansday #plasticpollution #saveourocean #sustainability #waveforchange #climatechange #oceanconservation #environment
#WorldOceansDay #PrixCarmignacArctic⠀⠀
« Normally, the sun reflects on the surface of sea glaciers. Because of this, this solar energy is not absorbed into the ocean. If the predictions are right, in 11 years during the summer there will be no more ice in the North Pole. The warmth will be absorbed by the ocean and the sea level temperature will rise even further up. It will have serious consequences on our climate and on the world sea maps. I think we are not aware of all this (…).  » – @kadirvanlohuizen, co-laureate of the 9th #PrixCarmignac⠀⠀
Visit the exhibition ‘Arctic: New Frontier’ @saatchi_gallery as it’s is last days of opening. (Until June 10th)⠀⠀
Or come to Brittany in France and visit its two summer photo festivals, @lagacillyphoto & @festivalphotoguilvinec, to discover the unique pictures of the two co- laureates of the 9th #CarmignacphotojournalismAward⠀⠀
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« Kivalina, an indigenous village on the northern tip of Alaska which, according to current forecasts, will be underwater by 2025 ». ⠀⠀
The indigenous coastal villages suffer the most from the consequences of #globalwarming which is synonymous with rising waters and coastal erosion and now threatening their very existence and presence.⠀⠀
The 9th #PrixCarmignac co-laureates, @yuri.kozyrev & @kadirvanlohuizen, traveled to these Arctic regions to bring back visual testimonies of the living conditions of the locals.⠀⠀
Find out more about their photoreportage @saatchi_gallery until June 10th.⠀⠀
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MIDI Festival – Concert EX-ILE & AJA