Dream Machine

Barbara Carlotti, Photo : Elodie Daguin

07 September - 14 September 2019

Rituals, walk, natural Dream Machines and experimental concert around the Dream Machine

Author, composer, performer, radio producer, for fifteen years Barbara Carlotti deploys her magnetic waves through her velvet voice.
English pop, French song with chiseled writing, and kaleidoscopic career: this dandy woman, one of the most beautiful mysteries of French pop, offers shows at the crossroads of the arts.
With the Dream Machine, she probes the realm of dreams, exploring through various artistic and scientific forms, this mental activity that takes place during sleep and escapes the will.

In Porquerolles, after a short conference on the apparatus Dream Machine initiated by Brion Gysin and Yann Sommerville in the 60s, she will initiate daily artistic rituals to experience the dream awakened through walks poetic and musical. It will thus offer the curious public to observe natural Dream Machines offered by the immediate environment of the Villa Carmignac: the sound, the light and the sensations of the island will be the first elements of the game.

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Every evening, from Wednesday to Saturday, Barbara Carlotti, accompanied by her musicians, will offer a ritual concert around a giant Dream Machine for 20 people, a unique moment of 30 minutes “Inside the Dream Machine”, inspired by the island of Porquerolles, where music, song, texts, and lights will give rise in each new visions.

An experience concert, a ritual of dreams and meditation dedicated to the island of Porquerolles.

This performance is part of Des marches, démarches, a cultural event on the scale of the territory of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and coordinated by the Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

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Dream Machine