In 2009, while media and photojournalism faced an unprecedented crisis, Edouard Carmignac created the Carmignac Photojournalism Award to support photographers in the field. Directed by Emeric Glayse, it funds annually the production of an investigative photo reportage on human rights violations and geostrategic issues in the world.

Selected by an international jury, the laureate receives a 50.000€ grant, enabling them to carry out an in-depth research in the field, with logistical sup-port from Fondation Carmignac. The latter presents a travelling exhibition and the publication of a monograph upon their return. At the end of each edition, four photographs bequeathed by the laureates are included in the Carmignac collection.

In 2015, the Award has turned into an “editorial room”. These developments have made possible for Narciso Contreras, 7th laureate, to bring back the first proofs of migrant slavery in Libya – published in Paris Match and Time Magazine in October 2016. By involving new museum partners edition after edition – Saatchy Gallery in London, Palazzo Reale in Milan, Fotografie Forum in Frankfurt, Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris, … – the Award exhibition attracts, since 2017, over 500,000 visitors.

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“It’s a cliché to show Russian children in military uniforms. It’s exaggerated – all the Russian kids preparing for the war – but that school is special, there are not many like it.” – Yuri Kozyrev 9th #PrixCarmignac co-laureate.⁣⠀
During their double polar expedition, #YuriKozyrev who is a Russian #photographer covered the Russian part of the #Arctic while his colleague @kadirvanlohuizen traveled in the Western part of this region.⁣⠀
Yuri Kozyrev visited a military school in the city of Murmansk in the Kola Peninsula. Almost 300 Cadets attend the Nakhimov naval schools. Over the last five years, eight other naval schools have been established countrywide.⁣⠀
There is an ongoing quest for the Arctic between the two world powers : Russia and the USA.⁣⠀
Discover more photographs and videos from “Arctic: New Frontier” currently displayed @saatchi_gallery.⁣⠀
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