Miquel Barcelo, Ressac

from May 20th to October 17th 2021*

*Conditional on health requirements

From one island to another—from Mallorca to Porquerolles—and
a Catalan studio to the Villa Carmignac, Miquel Barceló inscribes
his work within a Mediterranean progression. In dialogue with The
Imaginary Sea, he was given carte blanche to entirely transform the
Villa’s vaulted gallery.

The deeply insular artist draws from the sea, the sand, the seascape:
sources that inspire him.

Ressac is a painting that one enters, made up of successive layers
of plaster and clay that embrace every volume and surface of the
space: walls, floors and glass partitions. Like painting projected onto
architecture, it evokes the movement of an intense wave doubling
backing on itself.

This devastated landscape is, for Miquel Barceló, akin to the painter’s
studio, transformed into a strange cave, dry after the wave recedes and
the water evaporates.

Submerged by this tidal wave like a marine life Pompeii, objects, people
and animals (octopuses, swordfish, bison)—be they protectors or
predators—are trapped in the clay.

This attack of the sea conveys a new shape, revealing traces of an
ancient society on the walls like cave art, seemingly connecting this
marine-inflected work to its origins.



Photo Laurent Lecat

Miquel Barcelo, Ressac