La Mer Imaginaire

Photo : Luc Boegly

Apr. 25, 2020 – Oct. 4, 2020

For its 2020 season, Fondation Carmignac has invited American curator and writer Chris Sharp to organise its forthcoming exhibition at Villa Carmignac on the island of Porquerolles, France. 

Entitled La mer imaginaire (‘The imaginary sea’), this project will transform the villa into an underwater natural history museum, questioning the interactions between our civilization and the marine world. Visitors will dive into an aquatic ecosystem, navigating fascinating representations and marine creatures, both dreamy and threatening at once. 

“La mer imaginaire will not only consider how artists are re-evaluating our relationship with nature, but also examine how nature, particularly the sea, sparks our imagination.” Chris Sharp

Maurizio Cattelan, as for him, mischievously condenses his most iconic works into a single new sculpture.

Next to new ephemeral productions by Bertrand Lavier and Koo Jeong-A, further spaces loom outside.

On the ground floor, the British artist Sarah Lucas’s sharp humour fills the house with chimeras for her first solo show in France, which includes a significant ensemble of over fifteen artworks.

In the gardens, new works feature alongside a dozen permanent instalments, including sculptures by Jeppe Hein, Ugo Rondinone, and Ed Ruscha.

This year, the program of performances includes the birth of a sound by Pauline Sikirdji, a vision by Barbara Carlotti, as well as a gesture by Yoann Bourgeois. Starting in June on full-moon nights, visitors will also be invited to immerse themselves into the sculpture gardens and the seascape of the island, guided by the voices of Patti Smith and Charlotte Gainsbourg through a special production of the collective Soundwalk.

Warning : This exhibition contains some works that may offend the sensitivity of visitors, especially young audiences. Mediators are here to help you find more information.

La Mer Imaginaire