Finbarr O’Reilly, Prix Carmignac 11th edition laureate

The 11th Carmignac Photojournalism Award — which focuses this year on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) — was awarded to Finbarr O’Reilly.

O’Reilly’s reportage started in January but, due to the swiftly worsening global health situation and the gradual closing of international borders, he and the Award team, plus members of the jury and the pre-jury for the 11th edition, re-conceived their approach and adapted the reportage to better cover the crisis we are experiencing.

With this in mind, the Carmignac Foundation is honored to present “Congo in Conversation” by Finbarr O’Reilly. It’s a collaborative online chronicle which, through close cooperation with Congolese journalists and photographers (as well as journalists of other nationalities based in the DRC), will address the human, social and ecological challenges that the Congo faces today with this new health crisis.

Relaying information via a dedicated website and social networks, «Congo in Conversation» will provide an uninterrupted and unprecedented stream of articles, photo reportages and videos. Updated regularly, it will enable readers to discover how the DRC is coping with this crisis and adapting to the realities that now shape all of our lives.


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Finbarr O’Reilly, Prix Carmignac 11th edition laureate