Davide Monteleone – Chechnya: Spasibo

Vue d'exposition, Spasibo, Davide Monteleone, Palais de Luppé, Arles, 2014 Photo Florent Gardin

07 July - 17 August 2014

https://www.fondationcarmignac.com/en/project/davide-monteleone-chechnya/The theme proposed to photographers for this fourth edition was Chechnya, a country torn by extreme violence and still the theatre of tremendous human misery, even after two decades of murderous conflict.

The Italian photographer Davide Monteleone has chosen to illustrate the threat to Chechen identity concealed beneath the appearance of calm and prosperity adroitly maintained by the autocratic regime of Ramza Kadyrov. He spent the period from December to April 2013 in the country.

Hôtel de Luppé

24 bis Rond-Point des Arènes,
13200 Arles

July 7 – July 13, 2014 : from 11 am to 9 pm, July 15 – August 17, 2014 : from 11 am to 7 pm


Davide Monteleone – Chechnya: Spasibo